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UK Based Transcription Services

We, at JH Virtual Assistant, are a team of professionals striving to offer you the best possible audio transcription service in the UK. Having years of experience in transcribing various audio and video files, we are capable of creating any transcript as per your specifications. Whether your audio is academic, media, legal or corporate, we put our expertise into creating accurate transcripts of your recordings.

Skilled Staff

Our skills, sound experience, attention to detail and dedication towards work are the reasons we are widely chosen.  Whether you are working on a small project or are focusing on a larger one, you can rest assured that you will get an accurate audio transcription service. Our audio typists are experienced in legal transcription, business transcription, interview transcription, and focus group transcription, just to name a few.

Professional & Confidential Audio Transcription Service

Our track record of successfully delivering our services to a range of companies, universities, laws firms and businesses is important to us. We never compromise on quality, and that is the reason our transcripts are always up to the mark. We understand that confidentiality is of utmost importance, when it comes to transcribing your audio and we have strict processes in place. Rest assured that your business information and details will be in safe hands. For your satisfaction, we can also sign a confidentiality agreement upon request.


Academic Transcription for Students and Universities

JH Virtual Assistant provides an accurate and high quality academic transcription service to students and universities around the UK.

Focus Groups

JH Virtual Assistant provides Focus Group Transcription and Inteview Transcription

We can transcribe multiple speaker audio and label speakers as appropriate with our Focus Group Transcription & Interview Transcription.


Find out more about our Business Transcription Service

Working closely with businesses around the UK, our Corporate Transcription Service is accurate, confidential and fast

Conference & Events

Media Transcription Service

Our Lectures, Conference & Events Transcription Service is a great addition to the conferences, seminars and events that you hold.


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