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Audio Transcription Services

UK Audio Transcription Service

We use our intelligence, expertise and knowledge to convert your audio or video files into professional transcripts with our audio transcription service. By doing so, we help you both save time and benefit from accurately written content that is the true reflection of your audio. Moreover, we ensure your peace of mind by keeping your information safe and delivering it within the agreed time.

We have sound experience in interview transcription, legal transcription, media and TV transcription, and academic transcription. Whatever the nature of your business, we are capable of creating remarkable digital transcriptions that are unbeatable. Moreover, with our expertise, we are able to decipher complex recordings and transcribe them in an accurate way.

At JH Virtual Assistant, we are good listeners and professional transcribers. We have a range of happy clients working in various sectors across the UK.  Our staff have successfully completed a vast range of large-scale projects from reputable businesses, law firms, media firms and universities – delivering projects in a timely manner. We will carefully proofread your transcript to make sure that it’s free from mistakes or errors.


Audio Transcription Types

At JH Virtual Assistant, we offer two main transcription styles depending on the nature of your project:

Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim style audio transcription is written exactly as spoken. It captures absolutely everything, including fillers such as “um”, “err” and “ah”. It also notes pauses, laughter and any other relevant sounds. This style of transcription is most useful for police interviews, market research and counselling sessions, where any behavioural indicators are of equal importance to the speakers’ words. It takes us a little longer to transcribe audio in this style.


Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

Intelligent Verbatim style transcription gives an overall easier to read transcript. It omits the fillers mentioned above, like “um”, “err” and “ah”. It also omits any unnecessary repetition. With this type of transcription, minor editing is carried out regarding grammar and sentence structure in order to create a “cleaner” transcript.