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Academic Transcription Service

Academic Transcription Service

JH Virtual Assistant offers an academic transcription service in the UK to individuals working for universities or students. Whether you are conducting one-to-one interviews, writing dissertations, preparing a thesis or facilitating seminars, we can create an accurate transcription of your recordings. Moreover, the documents we create are based on your research. They remain confidential as we do not disclose any information regarding your project. We adhere to your deadline and make sure we can deliver your project on time. At JH Virtual Assistant, we do in-depth research on the relevant terminology before and after working on your transcript.
Our academic transcription helps you in the following areas:

Focus group discussions

Focus groups often present the most complex audio recordings that we receive. Multiple speakers, interruptions, cross-talk, differing accents and dialiects, all contribute to making the audio more challenging. We are experienced in both academic work, and also transcribing this challenging level of audio. We always proofread and edit transcripts, so you can be assured you will receive a high quality document.


If interviews are part of your academic research, we are here to help! Our interview transcription service proves to be invaluable to students and academics across the UK. We can label speakers as per your requirements and can keep the speakers’ names anonymous if preferred. Our software can help reduce background noise, so even interviews held in noisy places can be transcribed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, should you have any concerns regarding your audio files.


Whether you are conducting an important seminar or just attending it, you may wish to keep a transcript of the event. We, at JH Virtual Assistant, use our voice-to-text service to convert all the aspects of discussion or speeches into a textual content. You can rest assured that you will get well-written transcriptions that will help you evaluate the event anytime you want to.

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