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Corporate & Business Transcription

Business Audio Transcription Service

We are one of the leading providers of business audio transcriptions in the UK. At JH Virtual Assistant, we work on your behalf and create quality transcripts to accommodate your business requirements. Let it be the recording of board meetings, disciplinary hearings, videoconferencing, PR and media and more, we can create astounding transcripts that cover all aspects of your audio. You can rely on our confidential corporate and business audio transcription service to get written documents of your discussions, presentations or meetings.
Our aim is to help you get rid of the stress by sharing your load. Don’t worry about quality, as all our transcriptions are always well written and formatted. We help you save your time so that you can focus on the core processes of your business, while we take care of your transcriptions. We are always ready to take on a variety of tasks that include the transcription of:
– Annual meetings
– Press Conferences
– Interim Results
– Company Reports
– Interviews
– Training sessions
– Business surveys
– Disciplinary hearings
– Corporate presentations
We have a strong command over business terminology and are well-trained in understanding different accents, dialects, multiple voices or complex recordings. Our aim is to provide you with professional transcripts that encompass all the important points. Moreover, we customise our services as per your specifications. Whether you want intelligent verbatim or verbatim transcription, we specialise in both.

Why should you opt for our business audio transcription service?

Meeting transcription

At JH Virtual assistant, we offer a meeting transcription service that converts your verbal discussions into a written document. Our cross sector experience, UK based typists, multiple speaker experience and quality checking, ensure that you will receive a highly accurate transcript.

Disciplinary hearing transcription

We work with our clients to transcribe recordings of disciplinary hearings.  We create accurate transcripts and deliver them on time while keeping confidentiality at the forefront.

Experienced staff

At JH Virtual Assistant, we hire typists that are experienced across a wide range of business sectors. We will always assign the most suitable typist for your project. We will research and check any business terminology within your audio.