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Focus Group & Interview Transcription

Interview Audio Transcription Service

JH Virtual Assistant, offers focus group transcription and interview audio transcription to students, researchers, university staff, medical professionals, market research companies, businesses and more.

It can be a difficult task to transcribe focus group discussions and interviews as multiple speakers, cross-talk, interruptions and differing accents can all be factors adding to the challenge. These recordings are often complex and require a lot of time and precision to get professionally transcribed. We are a team of professionals with a great deal of experience in transcribing challenging focus group and interview audio files.

Some examples of Focus Group Transcription & Interview Audio Transcription

– Group discussions
– Market research focus groups
– Round table discussions
– Risk analysis focus groups
– Multiple speaker conferences
– Academic focus groups
– Dissertation interviews
– Counselling sessions
– Corporate focus groups and brainstorming sessions
– Q&A sessions

Our staff will transcribe your audio according to your specifications and needs. They will customise and present your transcript in any format that you like. Let us know exactly how you would like the speakers labelled and we are more than happy to accommodate. At JH Virtual Assistant, we give significant importance to your deadlines.