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Lectures, Conference & Events Transcription Service

Events Transcription Service

Our Lectures, Conference & Events Transcription Service is a great addition to the conferences, seminars and events that you hold. Getting a written record of your event is not only great for your business, but also provides a professional touch when shared with delegates and attendees. Our Conference Transcription Service and Events Transcription Service is good quality and affordable, meaning that you can add this professional touch at low cost. By outsourcing your transcription services to us, you will get high-quality and accurate transcripts that you couldn’t have achieved otherwise.

Lecture audio transcription

We specialise in converting oral presentations into written documents. The invaluable transcripts we create are not only beneficial for students but for the faculty also. For events with high profile, keynote speakers, you will want to hold a good record that really captures all the knowledge shared. We are here to help you by offering our lecture audio transcription service. You can use the transcriptions for future reviews, to re-cap the information shared, or to pass on to people who could not attend.

Events transcription service

Considering all the effort and planning that goes into running an event, often capturing the event in written form is really worthwhile. Our events transcription service will let you record your event on paper to revisit whenever you like. We can format your transcript to suit your business needs. Should you need formatting for marketing purposes, that gives your business a professional look – we are more than happy to help.

Conference audio transcription

Conference audio transcription is an invaluable material that can be beneficial for those who attended the conference, and for those who could not attend. Moreover, you can also share it with others for a more in-depth analysis. It’s your choice – we can note audience participation and all speakers, or we can simple record the keynote speaker or select speakers.