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Post Production Scripts

Post Production Scripts

Post Production Scripts

Post production scripts service is available to ensure all of your final scripts from produced shows and broadcasts are accurately transcribed.

Ahead of production of any television programme, radio show or broadcast of any nature, there will likely be a script from which you are working.  However, once the production has been finished, this script may no longer be relevant due to changes during production.

By using our post production script transcription service, you can rest assured knowing that an-up-to-date and accurately transcribed post-production version of your script is documented. Aside from keeping your records of scripts up to date, having accurate post production scripts can also help  with sales, compliance or even subtitling.

A post production transcription is the definitive guide for any production team about a show or broadcast, containing a minute-by-minute, shot-by-shot report of everything that happened. It is an essential part of the production process.

We’re experienced in producing these high-quality transcriptions, with an impeccable attention to detail that will leave you confident that your post production script is comprehensive, reliable and complete. We’re a professional, UK based, transcribing company with a track record you can trust – contact us today for a quote.

Post Production Scripts – the detail you need

As part of our post production script transcription services, we are happy to ensure the transcription includes as much or as little detail and information as you may need.

Our transcriptions will include detailed dialogue, meaning you can be confident that all of the detail in your show or broadcast has been captured in full.

Additionally, we can include information such as time codes, shot logs, captions and credits to make sure that every last bit of detail you need is included.

Our post production transcription can include music cues, shot details and any captions or information that appear on-screen.  To produce your script, we will need a copy of the final version of your film, show or broadcast.

Why have a Post Production Script?

Having a post production script of your show brings many advantages that professional production companies will rarely do without.  By their nature, they provide a final record of the shots, content, music, cues and dialog from the show that has been transcribed.

As mentioned early, this can help with producing subtitles or perhaps for selling the show to a distributor who may require a final copy of the script to review.

There are additional advantages as well. For instance, if any revisions need to be made to the final version of the show, then the post production script will be absolutely vital in this process.  With every shot, piece of dialog and music recorded and timecoded, it allows the production team to easily find the part of the show that needs amending.

Post production scripts are also vital when shows or films need to be changed in to other languages. The final script can be sent to translation with all dialog and captions included so that a thorough translation can be performed.

Contact us today for a quote for your post production script.