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Video Transcription Services

Video Transcription Services

Video transcription services

In today’s digital world, so much value is placed on video content.  However, perhaps increasingly there is an importance of having this content transcribed by using video transcription services.

Video transcription has many benefits. With the boom of video content on the internet, specifically around YouTube and Vimeo, as well as in digital marketing more broadly, there are millions of videos now on the internet for which accurate transcriptions to not exist.

Why is Video transcription important?

By transcribing a video, you are making the content easy to use for all manner of purposes. In terms of the internet, the transcription can be placed on a website and then it becomes indexed by Google and by its very nature, searchable.  Why go to all the bother of creating great video content if people searching for that information may never find it?

Transcribing your video can instantly provide your website with a vast amount of high-quality content, something that the search engines (i.e. Google) will love. This greatly benefits the SEO of your website, and will almost certainly result in more video views as well.

Having a video transcribed also allows you to review the script in a flat format, and distribute it to those people who may need or request a copy.

Transcribing is not easy though, and we will come to the different types of video transcription services shortly. However, it’s important to note that with our professional video transcription services, you are able to request for as much detail as possible to be included within your transcription from us.

This can include credits, time stamps, cues and details about captions and music.  Contact us today for a quote, and tell us what level of detail you need in your video transcription.

Types of Video transcription services

If you’re looking to have a video transcribed, there are many transcription services available.  They generally come down to two different types – machine translation, or human translation.

While the capabilities of software have moved on tremendously in recent year, you only need to look at some of the transcriptions of videos on YouTube to see that there are still a lot of holes in it.

Instead, if you’re looking to have an accurate and thorough video transcription done, then using a professional expert is the way to go.  We have been transcribing videos for customers for several years and provide a high-quality, trustworthy and professional video transcription service.

We’re happy to quote for transcribing all types of video, so get in touch today for a quote and to discuss your requirements.  We can work on video of all lengths, as well as offer transcription services that include differing amounts of detail, as requested by you.