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Why Choose Us?

UK Audio Transcription Service

It is a general fact that people opt for services that are a good value for money. However, before consulting a UK audio transcription service, you need to make sure it meets all your requirements and specifications. At JH Virtual Assistant, we assure you that you will get quality work within an affordable range. We focus on delivering the best audio transcription service that stands second to none.


We put strenuous efforts to ensure your transcript is free from errors. Our rigorous proofreading and double-checking ensures your work is exceptionally written. From sentence structure to grammar, spelling to punctuation and abbreviations, everything is given the proper attention. We assure that you will get high-quality documents through our audio transcription service in the UK.

UK based, native English speaking transcribers

At JH Virtual Assistant, we only hire native English speaking transcribers. We will never send your confidential audio files to staff in another country. Your audio will be transcribed by an actual person, rather than a computer programme – creating readable, sense-checked, accurate transcripts.

UK audio transcription service for complex audio files

Our sound experience has made us capable of understanding the most complex recordings easily. Regardless of the complexity of the audio, or level of detail for your project, we can provide a high quality service. Moreover, we have great command over understanding different accents, dialects and sounds. Take a look at our Focus Group & Interview Transcription section to find out more about our multiple speaker transcription service.

Meeting deadlines

Our clients are our valuable assets. Therefore, we make sure we are offering quality audio transcription service in a timely manner. The thing that makes us different from others is that no matter how intense the workload or pressure is, we always meet the deadlines. Feel free to get in touch to let us know your deadlines and any other specific details related to your project.

Business terminology

We do in-depth research on business terminology to offer high levels of audio transcription service in the UK. Our aim is to create a unique and impressive document that depicts your message professionally. Therefore, to cater to your business requirements, we make sure we have a complete understanding of what we are transcribing. Our audio typists have expertise across a wide range of academic and business sectors, making the inclusion of specific business or academic terminology much easier.